Standard ISO and swap body tankcontainers

Iberica Tankcontainer Leasing, specializes in the purchase and sale, rental and leasing of new build and second hand tank containers. We have our own modern permanent fleet of tank containers which is regularly expanded and renewed. Iberica Tankcontainer Leasing rents and sells standard and swap body tank containers from 20 ft - 40 ft. In a tank capacities range from 15,000 to 35,000 liters.

  • Standard ISO Tankcontainers

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  • Swap Body Tankcontainers

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Iberica Tankcontainer Leasing specializes in customization and we can therefore fully customize every new and used tank container to your needs and requirements. Iberica tank container rental is possible from one day at no additional cost.

Iberica tankcontainer offering

  • Liquid

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  • Food Grade

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  • Gas

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  • Heated

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  • Refrigerated

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  • Bitumen

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  • Specials

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  • Offshore

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  • IBC

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All of Iberica's tank containers are classified according to the international standard ISO 6346. This code, also called size type, indicates how long the container is and what type of container it is.

Hazardous materials have a substance identification number or 'UN number' and a 'packing group'. With this combination, it is possible to determine which type of tank container is needed for transport based on the regulations -IMDG Code, ADR, RID and so on. T1 to T3 tank containers are suitable for non-hazardous products, from T4 onwards the tank containers are suitable for hazardous materials.

Our advisors will be happy to talk to you about the possibilities. Ask for actual available tanks through:

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Malecon de Santiago 16
13710 Argamasilla De Alba - Ciudad Real - España
Phone: +34 636 961 755

VAT/CIF ES B72817711

Personal contact: M.B. Ruiz van der Vliet
Mobile: +31 615532338

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